Where to Go

So you’ve decided to collect vinyl records, but you aren’t sure where to start.  Not to worry – here are several great places to find vinyl records (other than record stores).

Flea Markets

While flea markets aren’t all that glamorous to some, they are a record collector’s goldmine.  Many times, sellers are selling their entire collections, and have no idea what their albums are worth.  For instance, I once met a man at a flea market who sold me an original Elvis Christmas album for $1, all because he didn’t even know what was in his collection.

Used Bookstores

These are my favorite.  I have found many near mint albums at McKay Used Books for next to nothing.  The best part is, the employees examine each record and tag each one by condition.

Thrift Stores

Good luck.  If you live in an urban area, you will probably have a good chance of finding great records.  If you live in a more rural are, however, your chances may be slimmer.  Either way, it’s worth a shot.

Garage Sales

Again, it is going to depend on where you live.


As a last resort, if there is an album that you are dying to have, but can’t seem to find, Amazon is a great place.  While online record shopping isn’t as fun as digging through the crates, some albums just can’t be found anywhere else.  Records ordered from here arrive in great condition, so no need to worry about cracked spines or bent edges (as with Urban Outfitters).

Best of luck!


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